Why Choose sBs



We pride ourselves on the fact that our Hoverboards are as safe as possible.

In light of recent concerns of poor quality batteries causing potential danger in other hoverboard brands, we wanted to address those concerns and reassure our consumers that we are committed to producing only top quality products.

We make safety our #1 priority

In keeping our products the safest on the market, sBs ONLY uses US certified battery cells and chargers that regulate power and keep from overcharging.

Our Product

Thanks to a detailed global market research, our products have avoided the defects of similar products and taken a leading position on certain fields, e.g, the ranger per charge is 1.5 times farther than that of other brands and a latest gear motor is engineered to power the unit. We'll focus on the development of lighter, smaller and fresher products to realize customers' anticipation and optimize users experience. Our products are currently applied to various sections including personal transport tool, work inspection, exhibition and police patrol, golf cart, transport means for large gymnasiums, recreations and car-mounted alternative transport.


Our Vision

Innovation for Your Experience
Relentless Pursuit for the Better
Cost Innovation Goes with Technology Innovation
Explore New Frontiers to Benefit Everyone


Brand Essence

Premium Quality, Advanced Technology, Innovation, Globalization, Corporate Responsibility


Create Fresh Gliding Experience

Create Fresh Gliding Experience sBs is dedicated to developing the most appropriate means to facilitate daily commuting with latest technology, which will be carried through our new product lines. We appreciate and encourage our delighted customers sharing their using experience and personal tricks with friends and value their kindly advice and suggestions for continuous improvement of our products.


Core Concept

Honesty: Our words matches with deeds.
Modesty: Always keep our feet on the ground and heads low.
Simplicity: Simplify our products for better comprehension and users experience.
Vigor: Dare to face challenge and take action.
Innovation: Embrace the ever-changing world and explore the unknown future with one step ahead of competitors.


As always, if you need help or have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are always here to help.


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