Why Choose CLASS A

Choose Quality sBs Prior Price and enjoy unlimited advantages in safety, speed and duration!


This apply to the CLASS:A from sBs 2 wheels 6.5, 8 and 10 inch City, Twist and Lambo models.


1). Accurate certifications and lead free products


sBs adopt the world’s strongest environmental requirements for all our products globally
We proactively engage our industry partners to change the way materials of concern are used in our industry and we extend our commitments across our own supply chain. We also incorporate recycled-content materials into our products and packaging.

sBs has implemented a initiative to ensure our customers receive products that comply with new lead-free laws in your country.


2). High Speed CPU/Chips Inside

The new standard for self balancing scooter performance has arrived—4thGeneration CPU! Our blazing fast, feature packed CPU with built-in protection system is ready to take your riding experience to the next level. And, by enabling new exciting features, the 4th generation scooter CPU empower you to unleash your imagination and explore the possibilities.
300% Performance Upgrade. 400% Reaction Speed Upgrade. The Most Stable Ever. Most Precise Control Ever. 

3). High Performance Motherboard Inside

With the top quality lead free motherboard in this industry, offers increased performance, reduced power consumption, and improved platform reliability and system manageability. These new upgrade make CPU deliver outstanding performance, dependability and precise output for wheels. We currently strongly suggest 1. JDY or 2. TAOTAO PCBA.

4). High Performance Single System Inside

The System is developed by best MCU R & D company in the industry. 3XPerformance Upgraded compare to common models in market. More Stable. More reliable. Smarter and more Accurate.


5). Original SAMSUNG Large Capacity Battery Inside

The self balancing scooters have been equipped with original Samsung 4400mAhLithium Ion Battery. Large Capacity, More Powerful. Up to 15-20 km mileage.

6). Germany Technology Motors/Wheels

We use the best lead free motors with Germany technology. Our best motors allows you to find the perfect riding experience. No matter speed up, slow down or stop. Any action you want. The motors make everything much more different. 400%upgrade on performance compare o other models on market.

7). Aluminum Parts

High tensile strength. Superlative fatigue resistance. Exceptional durability. The Aerospace industry demands high-strength aluminum products that perform in challenging and often harsh environments, from jets and helicopters to spacecraft and defense aircraft. Now we use same material on self balancing scooters.
More Lighter. More Stronger.

8). One Year Extend Warranty

Wherever you buy goods in the EU, USA or any sBs Distributor's store, you have one year to request repairs or replacement if they turn out to be faulty or not as advertised. 


All these tiny, subtle details point to a high-quality scooter over a cheap one. BUY SMART with sBs!


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