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We are a *manufacturer wholesale website specializing in balancing scooters, We have produce and supplied a large variety of products ranging from balancing, accessories such as batteries, protection gear, bags, parts and everything else you need to make your business experience better and more memorable.

We are proud of the products and service we offer including our fully tracked delivery and efficient customer service, as well as our best price promise policy. Our website is easy to use, intuitive and offers a secure and fast checkout process. With the growing popularity of balancing scooters, the brand sBs has been at the forefront of providing innovative products for the scooters enthusiast. Centralking Limited is proud to present the new ranges, which have been developed in partnership with sBs and other manufacturers.

* sBs has stop producing in September 2018 and we partners up with several other suppliers all over China and they will continue to produce High Quality products for us.

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sBs© have sourced the best components and Gyroscope Technology © to bring global customers one of the best self balancing scooter boards on the market. Self Balancing Scooter Boards are personal transportation devices. sBs Scooters house two powerful motors, one on each wheel and sensors that detect small movements in the shift of your weight, forward and backwards. These small movements are detected and relayed back to a processor. The signal is then sent back to the board's two motors, which corrects these changes, thus keep you upright and balanced. All our sBs boards feature a Samsung© battery to keep you riding for longer.


Most of our Hoverboards Self balancing scooters comes with optional Bluetooth and the following package below:


Free Shipping, Samsung Long-Life Battery, Certified Chargers and Customer Support.


Key Features:


- Bluetooth functionality enables riders to play their music off their phones through the boards built in speakers.
- High Power LED pathfinder lights under each foot panel, to help you see where you are going.
- Samsung Battery with LED indicator will let you know how much juice you have left so you know when it is time for another charge.
- Intuitive Control three-axis gyro-sensors and accelerators meters precisely monitor angular changes to make controlling the board feel natural.
- Regenerative Braking board will take advantage of every opportunity to save energy by maintaining weight limit and recharging the battery during braking and downhill riding.
- Rapid Charge Battery your board will only take three hours for a fully charge, and you will be able to ride for six hours (approx) until your board needs another charge.
- Quiet Motor Technology duel electric motors operate almost silently while still allowing you to cruise up to 5 times faster than walking. It's the best example for green transportation
- Powerful Motor high-quality magnet and stator material provide efficient, reliable power. SuperBscooter allows you to cruise your board at speeds of up to 12Km/h.


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Factory Direct Prices. Secure checkout.  Lowest price promise.  Traceable shipping. 24/48 hours dispatch. Expert customer support.  All Products with mainly Samsung or LG batteries.  We are export master in Express, By Air and container forwarding.