BATTERYSamsung  36V, 4.4Ah
TIRE DIAMETER8 Inch (17cm)
MAXIMUM MILEAGE30-45Km (Depends on rider's weight)
MAXIMUM LOAD120kg  (130Kg can but less advantages)
DEVICE SIZE115*53*95~125cm
Standard Inside: SAMSUNG BATTERY CELLS (4400MAH) Lifetime of battery: 3 Years !




1. 2016 8 inch big wheel Transformers 2 Wheel Self Balance Electric Scooter
2. Drift Scooter Motorized Skateboard with Music sound
3. Side Cover with LED light
4. Optional Remote Control/Bluetooth
5. High efficiency, low consumption, safe and convenient
6. Auto electricity off when fall down
7. Emergency protection when lose control
8. Waterproof design
9. Smart and easy to operate
10. High efficiency energy recovery, when you are driving down hill or braking, it will recover the energy to prevent power consumption


Package including:

1 x Electric Scooter
1 x Charging Adapter
1 x User Manual
1 x Package box


Fashionable with compact and delicate design CA dynamic control system. Automatically detect your control behavior, to control the output torque, speed, position, forward, backward, turning function.
Using the latest automatic balance control technology, the CPU chip floating-point operations 1024 times per second
Four intelligent security protections: unicycle posture induction, speed limit protection, anti-fall protection, auto sleep mode Using advanced magnetic suspension technology, strong motor smoother and best Samsung batteries inside more durable.



Multiple protection, let your self balancing scooter arrived safely.


How to use it ?


Adjust your Body's Gravity, and it can go forward and backward, turn right/left, and 0°degree rotate.
It is safe for beginner and safe,just if you feel you are losing control of speed, etc... all you do is jump out of the self- balance and it stops. Great item as a GIFT!!!


Who we are and what be doing best.

As a professional Electric Scooter factory and part supplier,we're specialized in researching, designing, producing and marketing.

Thanks to the constant evolution of the market, we keep focusing on the newest technologies of Electric Scooter, accessories and parts.Currently our main products are Standard Electric Scooter, Bluetooth Scooter,Big Wheels Scooter. We have created since 2007 an tremendous good reputation with our Electronic cigarettes know as Microcig. Meanwhile we also have been producing different stage Electric Scooter in Guangdong-Shenzhen and Zhejiang-YongKang. We are growing at a very fast pace, because engineers in R&D team focus on to developing new products for different customers and demands.


Important Notice and Precaution:

1. Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter is a commuting machine instead of a transportation machine, please do not ride it on the vehicle road.
2. Personal safety is the priority when the rider is about to fall.
3. Avoid obstacles and slippery surfaces, such as gravel road and water surface.
4. Always wear helmet, gloves, elbow guard and other protective gear for safety reasons.
5. Please ride on safe roads and avoid bumpy surface, slippery surface and water surface.
6. Children must be supervised by adults when riding the Wheel.
7. Do not lift Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter off the ground when the unit is turned on. This will cause the wheel to spin freely which could result in injury to yourself or damage to things around you.



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1. Including all customs,duty and tax clearance till destination.
2. Door to door from China.
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Luqi L1 Scooter 2016

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