100% Authentic Samsung

We Use 100% Authentic Samsung Batteries, No Junk!

Hoverboard Scooters 

If you have spent any time at all researching hoverboard  scooters online, you will quickly realize that there is a huge problem with these products:  there are loads of cheap replicas being made overseas that aren't using the high quality, long lasting Samsung batteries.  

The difference between a hoverboard  scooter with and without Samsung batteries is night and day, and you should familiarize yourself with these facts so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.  

Samsung makes a special type of  battery that is specifically designed to withstand extended periods of extreme stress.  Most of the batteries that you will find in the hoverboard  for sale on eBay are NOT SAMSUNG, so buyer beware!

Without the correct Samsung  batteries, your hoverboard is practically worthless, and it's only a matter of time before it breaks down.  This is exactly the reason why we offer a 1 month guarantee with our unit, because we have tested them ourselves and we know that these Samsung batteries are heavy duty and built to last.

If you are so concerned with saving a few bucks that you'd rather go out and purchase some cheap replica off of eBay, go ahead...but don't say that we didn't warn you when it stops working after 2 weeks and you aren't able to get any replacement parts for it.  Go with the trusted hoverboard brand: sBs SuperBscooter - the original & authentic Hoverboard Scooter.  Purchase with confidence!